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Talk and Touch: What Is It?

Some clients that I see come in for therapeutic massage only and some for individual, couples or family psychotherapy only, without any bodywork.

Most of my clients prefer the combination of talking about their life while receiving massage. These days we almost need to do two things at once, to make a dent in the long list of things that we have on our "to do" lists.

Many clients come in for healing massage & share some dynamics about their personal life situation verbally, while I work at releasing their muscle tension and balance their body's energy. Then, when a crisis arises in a life, there already is a person who knows about your family, situational and relationship dynamics to some extent, making counseling or consultation a much easier and more natural experience.

Having the option of two services for one price, is a lifesaver when time and energy and money, are at a premium these days.

During a bodywork session I go with your flow, in that if you need to talk a lot in the beginning of a session, or not talk at all, I will honor your needs & requests.

I try to cater to your music, temperature and lighting preferences as well. If you like it cool or hotter, darker, or brighter environment, classical or new age type music.

I also offer Couples Massage, which is given by one therapist in the same room together, or one partner session first, and then the other second.

It is relaxing to watch someone receive a massage and some techniques can be shared,with this type of arrangement, if desired.